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About Faith Football Fans

We are delighted to inform you of a very fantastic project called Faith Football Fans Forum (FFF).
FFF is a platform aimed at harnessing and harvesting the immeasurable passion individuals expressed for football into individual and societal benefits. We do this by taking advantage of competitive spirit of football fans, spurring them into adding great value to themselves and their immediate community, through our varying charity, community, intellectual, profitable and competitive programmes.

Our goal is to reorient football fans, showing them how to channel their energies towards more positive activities, rather than engaging in fruitless arguments and fights.

Our projects range from football tournaments, to talent-hunt, intellectual programmes (e.g. Debates/Quiz/presentations/seminars), community development and charitable activities.

One fantastic taste about this forum is the financial benefits fans have to gain. Registered fans get to win daily cash and weekly cash prize (Recharge Cards) and also earn points as they win competitions throughout the season placing their club on top of our FFF Table, these points can also be converted to real cash at the end of the season. Though, these monies will not be handed to individuals...each fan club will own a bank account where these monies can be saved, the cash is available to fans who need to access interest-free loans. Fans will naturally want to be associated with the "wealthiest" and more productive club.

Faith Football Fans Forum is building one of the biggest Football Fans Community across Nigeria, The word Faith in our name represents the faithfulness of these football fans to their clubs notwithstanding the outcome of the games they play and also the fact that FFF brings together people of all faith to harness their sports passion for impact.
We intend to coordinate and manage this passionate fans through our Offline and Online Database. We have a functional website and social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
Join this Outstanding Forum Now, register with us online via www.faithfootballfans.com in order to get unlimited access to
• Daily sport blogging with latest news, analysis and features.
• Full Fledged Discussion forum for clubs and general interest discussions.
• Daily and Weekly Intellectual Games Section with Cash Rewards
• Social Networking Features for fans to build profiles and connect with others.


  1. Present a new approach to humanitarian work, peace building and development through our strategic programs.


  1. To encourage the coalition of peacebuilders and peacemakers beyond religious, political, social, and ethnic/tribal differences through their passion for football.


  1. To Build a Culture of Peace by Promoting Service to Humanity, National Unity and Integration.


  1. To provide a platform that will inspire, support and engage key stakeholders in proffering innovative solutions to the current national and global challenges.


  1. To promote education and values that can empower children and youths to become better individuals and patriotic citizens.


  1. To encourage and support fans to achieve their dreams and personal ambitions through training


  1. To create an avenue for self-development, realization and actualization of individuals’ dream/Talents



To engage and transform passion expressed for football to positive social change.



To create an all time leading platform that harnesses football passion towards productive ventures.


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